Mimir for macOS – 1.4.0

This month Mimir gets a smaller update than the last, but includes some big, long-awaited features! Most notably, you can now add password-protected RSS feeds to the library! Add your premium podcast versions with ease, and your credentials are securely saved to the Keychain. There are also quite a few new quality of life improvements, and of course fixes to some nagging bugs.

Outside of the macOS app, I've been deep in development building the iOS version of Mimir. It is currently on course for a beta release this summer, and coming to the App Store "when it's ready." If you want to help beta test the iOS app, please visit the website and complete the beta signup form.

Full List of Changes

  • Added support for password-protected RSS feeds
  • Added option to hide the Home Promos for the duration of the app session
  • Added new automatic library sort options. You can now choose to sort podcasts in the library by alphabetical title, most recently updated, unplayed episodes, and highest priority
  • Added a new option to override the preferences choice for silence skip for individual podcasts
  • Added a progress indicator when performing a refresh of all podcasts
  • Added a new option to filter episodes to only show downloaded or unplayed episodes in the podcast detail view. This option is saved for each podcast
  • Updated the placement of the sort button and search field in the podcast detail to be more prominent
  • Updated the download button in the podcast detail view to now be on the main row. This button also animates progress as it downloads, and reflects if the file is currently downloaded to the computer
  • Updated the design of the "Add Feed" window to look a bit nicer
  • Added key handling for Home/End/Page Up/Page Down to scroll the main window
  • Added "Back" functionality for both swipes and mouse buttons
  • Added better error descriptions to alerts that are presented when adding a podcast fails
  • Fixed an issue that caused media keys to not be recognized for play/pause/fast forward/rewind
  • Fixed an issue where pressing space within a text field would trigger the play/pause action of the player
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain keystrokes to make an error sound when pressed
  • Fixed some "flicker" issues when refreshing the podcast library
  • Fixed some performance issues when updating the count of podcasts/groups when refreshing the podcast library
  • Fixed a performance lockup that could occur when resizing the podcast detail view to a very small width

Thanks for using Mimir, and send your feedback to support@mimirpodcasts.app to let me know what you'd like to see next. Enjoy the update!