Mimir for iOS – 1.3.0

CarPlay support is now available! This update brings the familiar Mimir interface to your car so you can manage podcast playback on the go, as well as a bunch of fixes for the most annoying iCloud and audio player bugs.

The new CarPlay interface includes the following tabs and features:


  • View the playing episode, Up Next, and Continuous Playback playlists
  • Play episodes from Up Next or Continuous Playback
  • Clear currently playing episode
  • Clear the Up Next queue


  • View the groups and podcasts in your library. (The number of subgroups may be limited by your CarPlay device.)
  • Quickly change library sorting
  • View and play podcast episodes


  • View and play episodes from:
    • Just Added
    • Highest Priority
    • Favorites
    • Downloaded
    • Continue Listening
    • Recently Played


  • Enable Continuous Playback
  • Enable Return to Queue
  • Change Skip Forward/Backward seconds
  • Enable Audio Effects (Silence Skip, Skip Sound, Voice Boost)

Other changes and fixes:

  • Improved the loading performance when first opening the episodes tab for large libraries
  • Fixed issue with in-app purchase buttons not working
  • Fixed issue with error alerts stacking when multiple errors occur. New error alerts will only display when no other error alert is present.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when scheduling updates
  • Fixed a sync issue when importing playlist items on a device that is missing the episode because the feed is out of date
  • Fixed an issue where private feeds could not load when the device was locked
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when updating podcast feeds
  • Fixed an issue where an episode synced to another device would not automatically download
  • Fixed an issue where an episode with a previous playback position could start back at the beginning when played again
  • Fixed an issue where pausing the player could incorrectly adjust the timeline position
  • Fixed an issue where an interrupted download could load audio from the beginning of the file when resuming playback