Mimir for iOS – 1.1.0

Automatic Downloads

  • Added an option to podcast settings that, when enabled, will automatically download episode files when added to the feed
  • This setting will sync between devices when using iCloud

Added a new Downloads view to the app Settings. From here you can see all files that have been downloaded and manage your downloads.

  • View a summary of the number of files and total space used
  • View downloads organized by podcast
  • Search to quickly find downloaded episodes
  • Sort by most file size, number of files, or podcast title
  • Quickly remove individual files, all files for a podcast, or all downloads in the library

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that kept downloaded files on disk longer than they should because they were not being properly marked as played.
  • Updated the Setapp SDK. This should fix issues some users were having activating the app from their Setapp account.